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Heating & Air Conditioning   Products Inc. 

Welcome to Ranger


Ranger Heating and Air Conditioning Products Inc. fabricates and manufactures short-run systems, custom sheet metal designs and low ambient solutions. Located in Bradford, Ontario, Ranger HVAC focuses on producing components for product lines that are no longer being manufactured, fabricating specialized components for the HVAC industry, cold climate controls, metal cabinet manufacturing and design as well as a metal job shop. 

Ranger HVAC works primarily with in the gauge range of 10 to 20 in galvanized, satin-coated, and stainless variations, but has the ability to work with Mild Steel 0.040” – 0.625”, Stainless 0.040” – 0.500”, Aluminum 0.040” – 0.250”, Galvanized 0.040” – 0.125”, Brass 0.040” – 0.190”, Copper 0.040” – 0.190”. Utilizing a Mitsubishi ML3015SR-F20 2-KW Fiber Laser, Mitsubishi BB6020 Electric Press Brake, Mitsubishi BH13530 Hybrid Press Brake, Equipped with offsite programming and monitoring they are able to design and manufacturing a variety of cabinets and metal fabricated products using industry leading equipment and technology.

Ranger has a collective experience of 135 years and is organized into five segments to cost effectively meet their customers' expectations:

  • Standard water- and air-cooled split and package units from 1 – 10 tons nominal capacity.

  • Custom designed short run replacement units.

  • Specialty solution design and manufacturing solutions for low-ambient conversion of nominal systems including wind screens, hoods and electronic bypasses.

  • Custom sheet metal design using industry leading 3D modeling and design software.

  • Metal fabrication (Job Shop) with trained professionals using modern industry leading equipment consisting of a Fiber Laser, Electric Press Brake and Hybrid Press Brake equipped with offline programing and monitoring. We also offer MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Spot Welding, Clinching, Riv-Nutting and powder coating. 


Our Service

Our Team Can Help You Design And Install A Custom Air Conditioning System That Meets Your Unique Needs


HVAC Installation


HVAC Installation


HVAC Design


Metal Design & Fabrication


Qualified HVAC and Fabrication Experts to Design, Build and nstall all your HVAC needs!


Over 130 years combined experience in the HVAC and Fabrication Industry!!!


Designed and Built to your Satisfaction -Guranteed!!!

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