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Building On Trust

Ranger Heating and Air Conditioning Products Inc. was organized in 2003 by Gerald Schlarb to meet his vision of providing solutions to the industry including specialty manufacturing of short run systems. Since then Ranger Heating & Air Conditioning Products Ins has grown from Gerald’s vision into a family owned and operated business. 




Gerald Schlarb


Gerald has been in the HVAC industry for over 45 years. He has worked in various aspects of the field from service and installation to designing and manufacturing. Due to his extensive experience and knowledge, he has been able to develop a wide variety of high-quality custom retrofit equipment to meet the growing demands of the replacement market. Gerald has also consistently pushed to make Ranger as self reliant as possible, by establishing our own in-house metal fabrication shop.

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Ryan Schlarb

Operations Manger

Ryan has been in the HVAC industry for over 20 years and oversees our production management team to ensure Ranger maintains its production deadlines. One of the key roles in staying on schedule is maintaining a steady supply of raw materials and parts. In addition to overseeing Rangers day-to-day production Ryan is our expert in fabrication and brings our customers concepts and requirements to tangible reality.


Sylvia Schlarb

Administrative Manager

Sylvia began her role in the HVAC industry over 30 years ago in production and assembly. Over that time, she has held many positions within the industry which have allowed her to gather information of the inner workings of an HVAC Manufacturing Company. Through this she has implemented many protocols and procedures into Ranger’s offices that have streamlined our day-to-day functions.


Anthony Mellegers

Senior Technical Advisor and Service Administrator

Anthony has been in the industry for over 40 years and is certified in refrigeration, air conditioning and all aspects of HVAC/R. Anthony is well versed in many aspects of the industry due to his extensive education and hands on experience. Anthony is a crucial component in assisting our customers in overcoming any issues that may arise in the field due wide variety of factors that could affect the optimal operation of our equipment.


Stephanie Papatheodorou

Office Manager

Stephanie has been in the HVAC industry for over 15 years. She ensures Ranger’s offices are run seamlessly day-to-day and has fantastic working relationships with customers and suppliers. She works with all department heads to ensure productions needs are met. While managing Ranger’s day-to-day functions Stephanie manages all of Ranger Human Resources needs.

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Front Desk Receptionist


Bill Wolkse

Controls Development, and Implementation Advisor.

Bill has over 40 years of specific technical knowledge and hands on experience in the development and implementation of HVAC controls and building automation.


Martin Green


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